Friday, November 5, 2010


I am excited!

I started exploring Android seriously about a month or so ago.
I then started looking out for a new mobile and my main constraint was "Android 2.1/2.2". My shortlist was HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Wildfire & Samsung Galaxy 3.  It was a combination of Price & Make.

I was excited, because I thought, for the first time, I have an option of downloading applications and doing a bit of customisation/programing myself.  Ya, iPhone was there.. but I am no fan of Apple!  Its not for the masses :)  [its a war out there b/w iOS of Apple & Android of Google..  The Android side..]

I also started exploring the Android SDK. I did the HelloWorld and started with Dev. Guide.  My first objective is to  build an application to replicate my EMI Calculator.  Lets see.

Meanwhile, I came down to HTC Wildfire.

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