Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Blood :)

My basic version of the EMI Calculator is ready in running on my HTC as well.  There is a long way to before its anyway near a finished product, I am happy that I have made the first step.

Here is the output on the Emulator.

the EMI Calculator on the Android Emulator
It is intended to calculate any value (specified by the Radio) provided you give the other three. At the moment, I can calculate EMI, Loan amount and Term.  Need find a logic to calculate the Interest.

I also ran this on my mobile and apart from some display issues (like the Radio Buttons are not aligned with the text boxes) this was fine.

At first, I had some issues in running the program on the Mobile.  The driver provided by android was not working.  I was searching for the driver on HTC site.  But then I found that HTC had provided the driver on the SD Card. Thanks HTC.  Once that was installed, everything went very smooth.  I connected the mobile through USB and it detected the device.  I ran the program on Eclipse and it had detected the device and the program ran on the mobile.

Other pending things:
* need to figure out, how I can share it with some one.
* design a Logo.
* Add other features to the tool.

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